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Parmak offers a full line of top quality, low impedance electric fence chargers to satisfy all of your electric fencing needs.

ALL Parmak electric fence chargers are proudly made in the USA and used on farms worldwide.

Available Products

There are several products available for Accessories.

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Stock Master Stock Prod 11″ Item #: SS-11 Length: 11``
Stock Master Stock Prod 29″ Item #: S-29 Length: 29``
Multipurpose Pulse Connector Item #: 676 Construction: Aluminum
Polytape to Fence Charger Connector Item #: 677 Construction: Aluminum
Polytape to Polytape Connector Item #: 675 Construction: Aluminum
1/4“ Rope Splicer Item #: 532 Construction: Aluminum
Wide Tape Connector for T-Post Item #: 981 Construction: Aluminum
Wide Tape Connector Wood Post Item #: 980 Construction: Aluminum
Wide Tape Connector Item #: 900 Construction: Aluminum
Electric Fence Warning Sign Item #: 2160 Color: Yellow Construction: Plastic
Reel Easy Spool System #221 Item #: 221 Spool Type: Removable
Sidewinder Electric Fence Wire Reel Item #: 222 Color: Black/Yellow Spool Type: Fixed
Reel Easy Spool Item #: 15 Attachment: Reel Easy Spindle Construction: High impact ABS Plastic Package Quantity: 1
Reel Easy Crank Handle #857 Item #: 857 Color: Yellow
10.5“ Multi-Purpose Fence Tool Item #: 411 Fence Type: High Tensile Construction: Hardened Tempered Steel
4 Slot Crimping Tool Item #: 410 Fence Type: High Tensile Construction: Drop Forged