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BAYGARD3 [Converted]

Baygard Heavy Duty Polywire

PVC coated fiberglass gives Baygard high strength as well as low stretch and sag properties. Baygard wire is light weight, only 4.5 lb. (2 kg) per 1/4 mile. Baygard will not kink and is easy to re-roll and reuse.

• For permanent or temporary pasture and rotational grazing
• 3 Aluminum conductors for maximum shocking power –
• Conducts electricity 50x greater than stainless steel wire
• 3 reinforced PVC coated fiberglass cords provide the strongest wire available
• Excellent weathering – 5 year U/V warranty
• White in color
• 656` (200m roll
• Made in USA

Baygard Heavy Duty Polywire – 656′ – WHT



Item # 678
Color White
Conductor Aluminum
Spool Cardboard
Duty Rating Heavy Duty
Length (US) 656`
Length (Metric) 200m
Warranty 5 year UV warranty

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