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Parmak Co-op 1300 (Magnum 12UO) Electric Fence Charger
Model 1300
12 volt – Battery Operated – 30 miles

The Parmak Co-op 1300 electric fence charger is a private labelled fence charger for the Canadian Co-ops and is based on the Parmak Magnum 12UO – 12v battery operated fence charger. This unit features Parmak’s steel housing, operational light, and power switch.  Maximum power from a battery fencer, the Co-op 1300 features output equal to power line operated models. Shocks through wet weeds and brush. No moving parts means years of dependable, trouble free services. The Co-op 1300 can provide up to three months of continuous operation between battery charges (depending on the amp/hr. rating of battery). Weatherproof, portable outdoor model for installation anywhere on your farm.

Addition features:

  • Indicator light shows fence charger operation
  • Low impedance for maximum power, longer life
  • Compact design, weatherproof, portable – outdoor model
  • Use with 12 volt storage battery (battery clamps included)
  • Ideal for livestock or predator control
  • Medium to large pastures
  • UL Listed
  • Charges up to 30 miles of fence – 3.1 joules*
  • 2 Year Warranty covers damage caused by lightning
  • Lifetime warranty on steel housing against rust or corrosion

CO-OP 1300 (Magnum 12UO)


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Item # COOP 1300
Warranty 2 Years
Indoor / Outdoor Installation Indoor & Outdoor
Range 30 Miles
Joules Low 1.1
Joules High 3.1+
Power Source 12v Battery
Fence Voltage - Open Circuit 13,500
Fence Voltage - 500 ohm 6,100
Fence Voltage - 100 ohm 3,100
Display Operational Light
Package Quantity 1
Recommended Use

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