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Since 1921, Parker McCrory has been on the leading edge of electric fencing. Over the last 103 years of doing business with Farmers and Ranchers from around the world, we have earned the support and trust of the agricultural community.  Commitment to our customer, high quality products and customer support are the cornerstones our business.

Proudly Made in the USA.

Parmak electric fence chargers are Proudly made in the USA.  We offer a complete line electric fence chargers, wire, polywire, polytape, rope, insulators and accessories to help you build an effective and safe electric fence.

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Complete Factory Service and Support.

Parmak offers complete factory service and support for all of our fence chargers both in and out of warranty.  Do you have a fence charger that is in need of repair?  Do you have an older unit that you need troubleshooting help with?  Feel free to contact our service department and we’ll be happy to help.

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Customer Testimonials

I have used Parmak fence chargers for over 40 years and they have never let me down. They continue to improve and update their products without comprising quality and cost. They have always stood behind their products and are quick to repair any damage chargers.

Sukar Amarillo, TX

I was skeptical but became interested in the features especially the high joules for a solar charger. The charger was actually even better than advertised and it flat turned my cattle plus a bull that didn't like staying at home. I then decided to give the fence the TOUCH test to see if I was just being unrealistic. I wasn't wrong and the fence let me know it in short order. Yeah, I would recommend it. It is what it is cracked up to be.

Mike S. Greensboro, NC

Just bought this charger it is much bigger than the one I was using. This one should do the job of keeping the bears out of my bees. 5 STARS!

Bob C. Morrison, CO

Just had to tell you next month will be 10 years I have had this charger! Only had to change the battery once and it’s still going Strong! Never had a problem with anything getting in or out! Thank you for the Super Quality!!

Karen T., Stillwater, OK

We usually have 4 to 6 chargers in use and have always been very happy with Parmak. More power for the price than many other chargers. This is the first we have bought with a digital volt meter. It usually reads 16,000+ volts during the day and 14-15,000 volts early on damp mornings. I like that you can tell with this readout if there is a major OR minor short, such as we need to clear grass out of the net fence now, and also if we can leave it a little longer. We also have several Parmak 12 volt chargers, one of which the cows rolled around in the pasture for a few years, and it still worked. Great customer service - they sent a replacement fuse holder without charge when we lost one.

Jim S., Sebastopol, CA

We currently own 2 Deluxe Field Solar-Pak 6 chargers. We went through about 5 of the plastic triangles that blow up if there is a lightning storm 20 miles away. I will never buy anything but a Parmak.  Better connections, you get a gauge and more power. The best there is!

Craig, New Richmond, WI