How to open a Parmak Solar-Pak Battery Compartment

  • The solar panel is riveted to battery case.
  • The battery case lid is attached to the battery case by friction.
  • Remove the battery compartment lid by either pulling straight up on the solar panel or by using a flat head screwdriver lift battery case lid just above the raised ridge of battery case.
  • Carefully remove the battery case lid with solar panel to expose battery inside battery case.  There may be cardboard packing inside the battery case used to keep the battery from shifting during shipment.
  • Replace cardboard after installing new battery.  This will keep the new battery from moving inside the case.
  • Once the battery is installed, replace battery case lid securely by pressing down on the battery case lid.   Make sure battery case lid is attached securely to the battery case.  Be careful not to pinch wires between the battery case and the battery case lid when replacing the battery case lid.

Battery Case


NOTE:  Replace battery only with Parmak Powerhouse rechargeable lead acid (Gel Cell) battery either item #901 (6 volt) or item #902 (12 volt) depending on which model you own. Using any other brand battery will reduce the performance of your solar powered fencer.