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REPLACEMENT 12 volt – Solar/Battery Operated Charging Unit ONLY
Model MAG12SP-UO

Do you have an older out of warranty Parmak 12 volt solar fence charger that you would like to update?

  • Replacement unit ONLY for Parmak model MAG12-SP volt solar fence chargers.
  • Will fit inside all Magnum 12SP battery cases
  • Must be used as a replacement unit – No weather strip provided
  • Battery wire connectors included
  • Charges up to 30 miles of fence
  • UL Listed

To replace the fence charging unit:

  • Simply remove the solar panel lid
  • Remove the internal battery
  • Remove unit battery case screws (top left and top right on the battery case), and remove old unit from the battery case.
  • Disconnect wires the red and black wires from the battery and the solar panel.
  • Connect the new charging unit wires to the solar panel wires using the new splicing clamps (red wire to red wire and black wire to black wire).
  • Place the new unit in the the battery case and secure with the two case screws.
  • Reconnect the battery to the solar panel wires.
  • Turn the fence charger switch on and check performance meter on the fence charger for proper operation.
  • If proper operation, turn off fence charger and re-install battery into the case and re-attach the solar panel lid.

12 volt Solar Charging Unit Only



Item # MAG12SP-UO
Warranty 3 Years
Indoor / Outdoor Installation Outdoor
Range 30 Miles
Joules Low 1.1
Joules High 3.1+
Power Source 12v Solar/Battery
Fence Voltage - Open Circuit 11,000
Fence Voltage - 500 ohm 6,100
Fence Voltage - 100 ohm 3,100
Package Quantity 1
Recommended Use

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