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Parmak Electric Fence Kit

The Parmak Electric Fence Kit comes with all the items you need to construct an electric fence to protect your garden, backyard, or any area that you would like to keep animals contained or out. (fence charger sold separately)

  • Can be used with any Parmak fence charger.
  • Recommended¬†use with Parmak models EM-200, HS-100, or Pet-Gard or any other model electric fencer.
  • Ideal kit for small fences, backyard, gardens, barn lot, etc.
  • Kit contains:
    • 100 foot of 20 ga. galvanized wire
    • 8 – 2 foot, fiberglass post
    • 2 foot galvanized ground rod
    • Wire clips for posts

Parmak Electric Fence Kit



Item # EFK
Conductor Galvanized
Length (US) 100'
Length (Metric) 30.48m
Gauge 20
Post Fiberglass