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Electri-Gate Expandable Electric Fence Gate

  • Expands to fit any gate opening from 7’ to 20’ in size.

  • Works with any polywire, polytape, polyrope, or high tensile electric fence wire.

  • Made with a stretchable “Bungee” material that works in all temperatures and will not sag over time.

  • Handle made with a high impact plastic handle.

  • Sold complete with two 2-way gate anchors for easy installation.

  • Safe to use with horses. Electrigate reduces the risk of a horse`s tail getting tangled in the gate unlike the “slinky” style spring gates which are not recommended for use with horses.

  • 3 year warranty


Electri-Gate Expandable Gate



Item # 899
Color Black/White
Construction Bungee Cord