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Parmak Field Master 3 Electric Fence Charger
Model FM-3
110-120 volt – AC Operated – 15 Miles

Power to stop the most stubborn stock! For small to medium pastures. The all new low impedance model for small to medium pastures features advanced solid state circuitry. Shocks through wet weeds and brush. New color coded fence and ground terminals. Red to the fence and Black to ground. Fuse protection, with built-in lightning arresters. Full 3 year warranty covers damage caused by lightning.

  • Low Impedance
  • Ideal for small to medium pastures
  • Advanced built-in computer controlled circuitry
  • Shocks through wet weeds & brush
  • Built-in operational light
  • Charges up to 15 miles of fence – 2.5+ Joules*
  • Indoor installation
  • UL listed (US & Canada)

Field Master 3



Item # FM3
Warranty 3 Years
Indoor / Outdoor Installation Indoor only
Range 15 miles
Joules Low 0.99
Joules High 2.5+
Power Source 110v-120v AC
Fence Voltage - Open Circuit 10000
Fence Voltage - 500 ohm 6700
Fence Voltage - 100 ohm 3500
Display Operational Light
Recommended Use

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