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 Parmak’s New Super Heavy Duty Steel Pig Tail Step-in Post

  • 42” length
  • Super heavy duty 9/32” (7.1mm) Galvanized steel rod
  • Designed to work with ALL wire, polywire, polytape and rope electric fences
  • Sharpened post and step-in for easy insertion in hard ground
  • Extended step-in fin design provides additional ground stability
  • Reinforced crimped foot step for increased strength
  • Will not sheer off when stepping into hard/frozen ground
  • 30,000 volt, ultraviolet resistant, insulation ensures fence won’t short out
  • 100% manufactured by Parmak in Kansas City, MO, USA
  • 10 posts per bundle


Steel Pigtail Step-in Post – 10 Post bundle



Item # 801
Color Galvanized Steel / Yellow
Construction Steel
Length 42"
Built-in Insulators 1
Package Quantity 10

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